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Mind the credibility gap

by Benjamin Kabak

While a lot of New Yorkers poke fun at the MTA for their bumbling managerial style, the ramifications from Monday’s worst day ever extend far beyond a few folks and their keyboards. As Will at onNYTurf notes, the MTA is suffering from a credibility gap, and this gap has the potential to impact the MTA for decades to come. “Their credibility problem,” Will writes, “has the potential to really get in the way of making serious and important changes to how transportation is managed in NYC. Correcting this problem is serious challenge for advocates.” So check out onNYTurf’s statement; it’s a very important message for a city very reliant on a shaky public transit agency. [onNYTurf]

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jk March 25, 2008 - 5:46 pm

The MTA was caught with 2 sets of books a few years back. This is no different. They have a history of lying and mismanagement. Monday was not the “worst” day but was a typical day.


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