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Video of the Day: Sesame Street underground

by Benjamin Kabak

I’m pretty beat from my Passover seder tonight at the end of a long Monday, and so posting will be light this evening. Enjoy instead this classic trip underground with the Muppets as they take to a subway system shown on Sesame Street in the 1970s. There’s a cameo from a Vignelli map and some timeless references to tokens. It’s still crowded underground, but at least the rolling stock looks cleaner. Odds are, too, you’ll be humming this catchy tune all day.

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John Paul N. April 19, 2011 - 4:13 am

MUPPETS!!!!! This clip is in at least one of the Sesame Street Old School DVDs, I don’t remember which one. Rewatching this clip now, it’s really fascinating how the Muppet performers pulled it off — having to recreate the movement of the car with the performers underneath the set (presumably). I also find it funny that the Muppets unintentionally look like they’re entering and exiting the subway car from/into a tunnel.

The Sesame Street subway reference I remember more fondly is from Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (subway footage starts at 1:37). I’d like to think the artwork at the 86th Street IRT West Side station is an homage to this episode, as the images were created by students of the nearby schools.


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