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by Benjamin Kabak

With more than five million daily weekday riders, New York City’s subway system is the lifeblood of the City that Never Sleeps.

Dubbed the Transit Authority by the Village Voice, Second Ave. Sagas has been the home for news, views and commentary on the subway system, MTA and transportation in New York City since November 2006. Founded with an eye toward tracking the progress of the long awaited Second Ave. Subway, SAS has morphed into a site that focuses on all things transit underground — and some things above ground. From fare hikes to map design, labor policies to construction, bus rapid transit to underground technology — it’s all on Second Ave. Sagas. Updated a handful of times throughout the day, Second Ave. Sagas has become a must-read for thousands of New York City residents, and it remains the premier blog focusing on public transportation in New York City.

The views expressed on Second Ave. Sagas are those of the authors and the authors alone. They are not the views of anyone who may happen to employ said authors.

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