’07 budget expands Brooklyn service

By · Published in 2006

As more details about the MTA’s 2007 budget — and long-term financial plans — come out, the news is looking good for the people of the fair borough of Brooklyn. As The Daily News notes, some key Brooklyn lines will see added service next year. Here’s the bullet point:

Increased peak-hour bus service and more frequent L trains during weekday rushes. G line trains travel farther down the F line to Church Ave., Brooklyn.

Currently, the G stops at the edge of Park Slope at 4th Ave./9th St. Under these new plans, the G — the so-called Crosstown line and the only major subway line to avoid Manhattan — will snake all the way down to the Kensington area of Brooklyn. With a switch on the tracks just south of Church Ave., this is the logical starting/ending point for a G extension into the heart of South Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, the L train, one of the more crowded lines during rush hour, will see more service during rush hour. Considering that the MTA was considering service cuts across the board just two and a half months ago, this is certainly good news for straphangers along the BMT’s Canarsie Line.

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