Poetry advocating motion

By · Published in 2006

Poetry and the subway go hand-in-hand. The motion of the subways has long been translated into the rhythm and beat of poetry. So the Straphangers Campaign, public advocate of subway riders everywhere, decided to combine the two.

NY1 has more:

“Since the subway is something that people use every day, and so many people complain about it for various reasons, I thought that we could do something much more fun than writing a complaint letter and actually have a community event to have people express what they want to change on the subway,” said event organizer Susanna Zaraysky.

The Straphangers Campaign is sending the winning poems to the MTA and Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer, asking them to address the issues the poems bring up, including issues about air quality, service, station and train conditions.

It’s an interesting way to bring transit problems to the attention of the powers-that-be. Everyone likes a little poetry from time to time. And the winning entries are all online. My favorite is in the Route Diversion winner in category four. It’s about halfway down this page.

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  1. Marsha says:

    I vote for Category #7-Best Other Poem.

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