Queens bars hoping for 7 delays for St. Pat’s

By · Published in 2007

If you understand that disaster, you must be some kind of supergenius.

For two weeks, residents of Queens have been up in arms over the construction on the 7 line. Who can blame them? The MTA workers barely know what the alternate routes are, and getting to Manhattan from parts of the 7 line now takes up to three or four times longer than usual.

When the Authority originally announced the construction plans, Irish travelers complained that they would be unable to join the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan. Now, MTA CEO Elliot “Lee” Sander has announced that 7 train may run in Queens on March 17. Or maybe not. amNY reports:

Elliot “Lee” Sander, the MTA executive director and chief executive, said Wednesday that weekend service on the No. 7 train could be restored for the March 17 holiday, which falls on a Saturday. “We are looking at that,” he said after the MTA’s monthly board meeting Wednesday, but made it clear no decision has been made.

He added that the MTA is examining how service on the E and R lines and the Long Island Rail Road could pick up the slack for the thousands of revelers traveling to the parade. One scenario will let subway riders use the LIRR stop at Woodside.

But there’s an interesting twist to this story: Irish drinking establishments that are due for a big St. Patrick’s Day boon are torn about the service cuts to the 7 train.

The Irish bars in the Woodside area would see an increase in visitors for a big day of drinking if revelers can’t make it into Manhattan. So for once, maybe some people in Queens actually want the service changes to go in effect. Oh, the irony.

Update: Chuck Bennett at the amNY Subway Tracker Blog confirms that 7 service will be restored for St. Patrick’s Day. As an added benefit fewer, drunken partiers will be driving as they can now ride the train home in peace.

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