7 riders singing Hallelujah on Easter weekend


Second Ave. Sagas suffered from a lack of content this week. I apologize. Passover, Yankee games in the cold and a busier-than-usual week at work kept me away from the subway. Next week, I’ll be back up to speed.

Congratulations, Queens residents, you’ve made it. The Mets return home next weekend, and your weekend service advisory has the glorious phrase “No diversions scheduled.” Read it and sing the praises of the Subway Gods.

Now, from Queens, you can get into Manhattan without walking backwards on your head while taking a shuttle bus from one end of the city to another, transferring to one train, taking a short helicopter ride and then taking another train. I bet you thought this day would never come.

Meanwhile, those folks on the A are still screwed. No baseball team’s homecoming can save you from shuttle buses and service delays.

The rest of the weekend service advisories for New York City Transit are here.

And enjoy the Sesame Street video. It’s not nearly as classic as last week’s appearance by Morgan Freeman, but it’s aggressive pole holding at its finest. We’ve all been in the position of both the blue and purple blogs. And notably, those two straphangers get to ride the A train this weekend.

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  1. Todd says:

    I am loving the videos. It’s sad that I relate to a poorly drawn cartoon, but I really do…

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