Bring your own chair while waiting for the train this weekend

By · Published in 2007

The savvy subway riders know how to make those hard plastic seats a little more comfortable. (Courtesy of flickr user meganificent and a tip o’ the hat to Gothamist)

Sometimes, you have to wait a long time for the train. Sometimes, there are no seats. Union Square is low on seats on the IRT line; and Grand Central keeps their six seats hidden so the wooden benches don’t crowd the platforms during rush hour.

Sometimes, there’s a stinky dude creating a toxic cloud around the bench. And sometimes, they’re full. So, as you wait this weekend for trains that may or may not show up due to weekend service changes, bring your own chair like those straphangers – or is that couchsitters – did.

Trying to get to the Big Apple BBQ festival from Brooklyn? Don’t take the 4. It’s not running between Atlantic Ave. and Brooklyn Bridge. The same goes for those of you checking out Roger Clemens’ debut at Yankee Stadium this weekend.

And that notoriously unreliable G train is hardly running at all this weekend.

The rest of your weekend service advisories are here. I’ll catch you on Monday.

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