A friendly fare-evasion fine reminder from the MTA


That’s today, folks. So don’t jump that turnstile. And if you want the details on Section 1050.4 of the MTA NYC Transit Rules of Conduct, click here.

And for the fun of it, City Room’s Sewell Chan details the history of the MTA’s anti-fare-jumping efforts.

6 Responses to “A friendly fare-evasion fine reminder from the MTA”

  1. forex ea says:

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  2. JOHN says:

    Recently I saw one kid pay at a station in Crown Heights and then walks to the back entrance and just lets through about 20 of his other friends. I found out that one day one person pays and the other 20 just go through the back gate. The next day its someone else. Best part was that the police were in the station and didn’t even know. Well everytime they increase the fare the is a rise in fare beating.


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