Progress aboveground at 96th St.

By · Published in 2009

A subway station house grows in Manhattan. (Photos by Marsha Berkowitz)

The 96th St. station on the West Side IRT is currently a mess. As part of an $80 million overhaul of this heavily-trafficked station, the MTA is constructing a brand new station house in the middle of Broadway close to 95th st.

This station will be one of the Stations of the Future the MTA has been promoting lately. It will be fully ADA-compliant and will eliminate the current design flaw that forces Upper West Siders to go down a flight of stairs, swipe through, go down another flight of stairs and then climb back up to the platform. On the inside, it will eventually look like this:


For now, though, it is just a skeleton. A few months behind schedule, the new station house is slowly rising above Broadway. When I got word of the topping out of the new station, I sent Second Ave. Sagas’ Upper West Side correspondent — more affectionately known as my mom — to snap some pictures. The slideshow is below. One day — and according to my other UWS correspondent familiarly known as my dad, that day should be in September 2010 — that station with its new tiles and all will glimmer above Broadway.

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11 Responses to “Progress aboveground at 96th St.”

  1. Alon Levy says:

    Meh. The station was fine before the reconstruction. Doesn’t the MTA have other projects to blow money on?

    • Not so fine. I had to get home from there with a double stroller…. Two downs and an up.. Not so fine.

      • There were a lot of “not so fine” aspects to the station. It needed an overhaul.

        And to address your question, Alon: The MTA is engaged in a system-wide ADA upgrade. This was part of it, and the agency decided to spend some more money to spruce up a station that needed it. Considering that $80 million is barely a drop in the SAS bucket, I’m okay with this project.

      • Chemster says:

        My sympathies on navigating that with the double stroller. But, you know, the 94th street entrance to that station is a more reasonable one — just one flight down to the turnstiles, then another down to the tracks. Still more than I’d want to do with a stroller, but worth a 4-block detour.

    • Marc Shepherd says:

      I agree with Ben. This is one of the least user-friendly stations in the system.


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