New York has $300K for streetcar study


Last week, I examined the calls to return streetcar service to Brooklyn. Riffing off a post at The Transport Politic, we discussed the good and bad of streetcar service in a borough once famous for its trolleys. As a follow-up, Yonah Freemark reported that New York actually has $295,000 in federal money to spend on a streetcar study. Apparently, the money came through in a 2005 transportation bill, and the NYC Department of Transportation hopes to spend it this year on a feasibility study. At some point, we have to stop studying transportation improvements, though, and start implementing them.

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  1. […] to its transit-rich past if House representative Nydia Velazquez has her way. After sitting on $300,000 Velazquez appropriated for the NYC DOT in 2005, the Department of Transportation has announced plans to use this money on […]

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