MTA, and SAS, operating on a Sunday schedule

By · Published in 2009

With a big national holiday upon us, New York City Transit is operating on a Sunday schedule throughout the day today. While no work-related service advisories are in place, no weekday-only trains will run, and wait times will be longer than usual. As I have to trek all the way to the hinterlands of the Upper East Side, this will be my only post today. I’ll be back on Friday as long as Time Warner – an awful, awful compnay – manages to restore my Internet and cable service. Have a great Thanksgiving!

2 Responses to “MTA, and SAS, operating on a Sunday schedule”

  1. Alon Levy says:

    Are you going to inspect construction at any of the station sites?

    • I’ll only believe there’s progress if I see workers with own my eyes.

      Seriously, though, I walked past 2nd Ave. at 86th St., and it’s clear work is happening. The streets are opened up, and utilities are in the way of being relocated.

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