Reminder: The end of the fare hike grace period


For those of you who tried to stock up on MetroCards before the fares went up in December, today is a key day for today is the day the MTA’s grace period clock starts to run. For straphangers waiting to use their cheaper cards, you must start using them today in order to get full value out of them. As the fare hike page details, one-day cards are no longer valid after today; seven-day cards expire after the 16th; 14-day cards are good through January 23; and 30-day cards will work through February 8. Customers who don’t take advantage of the grace period can mail back their unused cards — or any portion of it — to get a prorated refund from the MTA. That process usually takes around three weeks. So start swiping today.

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  1. MaximusNYC says:

    Those of us who participate in the WageWorks program, where we have cards mailed to us with the cost deducted pre-tax from our paychecks, are screwed every time the MTA raises fares. I get 4 7-day cards every 4 weeks… but cards from the most recent batch I received will not function after the fare hike. I’m expected to send them back? I don’t even know where to send them.


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