Photo of the Day: Court Square to open on June 3

By · Published in 2011

The neverending Court Square saga appears to be coming to an end. A SAS tipster sent in the following photo yesterday, and it features good news for Queens commuters who have been dying for the new station complex to open.

So there you have it. Incontrovertible photo proof that after years of wrangling between the MTA and Citi, the station complex and its new entrance will finally open, countless months late. It’s about time, eh?

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13 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Court Square to open on June 3”

  1. Kai B says:

    The replacement for the old south exit of the G-Train mezzanine also opened last week. So for now the outside transfer is similar to how it was pre-construction.

  2. R2 says:

    About time!

  3. Scott E says:

    So it’s a more convenient transfer between the 7 and G. What about between the 7 and the E and M?

    • Ramvid says:

      I am sure it is more convenient since the G and E, M are connected through an insystem transfer (hallway under the CitiTower).

      • Lawrence Velázquez says:

        7 -> E/M is going to be a pretty roundabout transfer. As you can see on this map, transferring from the 7 to the E/M via the G station is basically going to be walking in a big circle.

        That said, the 7 already has an easy transfer to the E/M at Roosevelt Avenue, so this should hardly be a priority. If I had to choose between a transfer at the north end of 45 Rd (close to the E/M) or the south end (close to the G), I’d pick the south end. Plus, that’s already where the fare control is.

        • Jerrold says:

          A side issue:

          Wow, is that map messed up!
          SIX different streets, every one of them called 44th Drive.

          • Jerrold says:


            I just sent a message to the MTA about that map with six streets supposedly all having the same name.

        • Kevin says:

          You basically have to walk in a triangle if you want to transfer from the 7 to the E/M. On my map (from Exit Strategy), the north end of the 7 platform is very close to the E/M station but the fare control and exit are only on the south end. The only time people will normally use this route is if it’s crappy weather or if there’s some sort of service diversion where they need to turn 7 trains at Hunters Point.

  4. Lawrence Velázquez says:

    The “45 Rd” signs on the Manhattan-bound 7 platform have already been replaced with “Court Square” signs.

  5. Frank B. says:

    Hot Damn! IND to IRT, here I come!

  6. Juan Castillo says:

    Are they planning on holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony to the transfer complex at 4:00 PM, because that’s usually the time I come home? I’m really excited to see the in-system transfer from the (7) to the (E), (G), and (M) lines to be opened right in front of the public’s eyes, mine too!

    • Kai B says:

      I would love to see that as well. But I think they did Jay Street – MetroTech at 1pm, which wouldn’t work for me.

  7. So I guess this is it, today’s the big day for us, right? We have been waiting for almost 9 1/2 years for this day to come, The In-system transfer from the (7) to the (E), (G), and (M) trains finally opens for business today. So, what time are the MTA planning on doing the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the transfer, today? 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, or 4:00 PM, because I’m planning on visiting the transfer in Queens today. E-mail me right away, thank you.

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