FASTRACK returns to the East Side tonight

By · Published in 2012

The MTA’s weeknight shutdown project, affectionately termed FASTRACK, returns this week to the East Side. For only the second time this year, service on the Lexington Ave. IRT south of 42nd St. will terminate at 10 p.m. each night this week, not to resume again until 5 a.m. the following morning. For a glimpse at this week’s map, mosey on over to this pdf.

So what will change this week? There will be no 4 service between Grand Central and Atlantic Ave, and the 6 will terminate at Grand Central as 5 trains cease service in Manhattan earlier than usual. The 3 line is extended into Brooklyn and will make 4 train stops from Atlantic Ave. to New Lots Ave. at all times. The 5 train will run between E. 180th St. and Dyre Ave. all night while the 42nd St. shuttle will also run throughout the night. On average, the MTA says, this shutdown will add approximately 20 minutes to late-night subway rides.

For Transit, this is the eighth FASTRACK treatment of the year with eight more to follow. After irking passengers in January with the first shutdowns, the MTA has been aggressive in promoting the work with a full-page ad appearing in today’s free daily newspapers. Still, the weeknight shutdowns are both disruptive and necessary as 10 p.m. has, a few times a year, become the new normal for the cessation of weeknight service.

4 Responses to “FASTRACK returns to the East Side tonight”

  1. Al D says:

    At Union Square, there’s dust and who knows what else is growing from the mezzanine over the southbound local track. Hopefully, this will be part of the cleaning effort. And my favorite pet peeve to complain about, the white, tiled tunnel walls facing the opposite side platform that have been grime covered since the renovation. Hopefully, they’ll get cleaned? It will help brighten that part of the station

  2. Anon says:

    was this not the catchiest themes song on TV ever???

  3. pea-jay says:

    Maybe it’s my display but the Lexington Ave 4 5 6 lines shade of green looks awfully like the G green on the attached map.


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