A Sixth Ave. return for Transit’s FASTRACK


The July FASTRACK features a rerouted D train. Click to enlarge.

Updated (10:24 a.m.): According to MTA officials, FASTRACK has become something of a success story. Despite significant press coverage in January when the program made its debut, the overnight shutdowns have proceeded relatively smoothly since then, and officials say FASTRACK preparations made responding to emergencies, such as a water main break near Chambers St., easier and smoother.

Still, the system needs work. Tracks remain dirty, and the amount of debris removed from the system is fairly significant. So on it goes. This week, with the Yankees out of town and the need for late-night service along the Sixth Ave. line reduced, FASTRACK heads to 6th Ave. From 10 p.m. – 5 a.m. each night this week, there will be no service along 6th Ave. between 57th St. and West 4th St. in both directions. Here’s how service will operate instead (Note the change in the D train from the last 6th Ave. FASTRACK):

  • D trains are rerouted and operate in two sections:
    • D trains will operate between 205th Street and 59th Street-Columbus Circle, then via the C line between 59th Street-Columbus Circle and West 4th Street, then via the F line between West 4th Street and 2nd Avenue, the last stop.
    • D trains will operate between Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue and West 4th Street in Manhattan, connecting with the 205th Street section of the D train at West 4th Street and Broadway Lafayette stations..
  • F trains operate via the E line between Roosevelt Avenue and West 4th Street in both directions. For service to Lexington Avenue/63rd Street, Roosevelt Island and 21st Street-Queensbridge, customers should take the Q. Q service will be extended to 21st Street-Queensbridge via the F line after 57th Street-7th Avenue.
  • Manhattan-bound B and M service in Brooklyn and Queens ends at 9:30 p.m. Service in Manhattan is available until 10 p.m.
  • Free Shuttle buses provide connecting service between the Grand Street D station and both the Canal Street N/Q/R/6 and Broadway-Lafayette D/F stations.

This is the last FASTRACK treatment until after Labor Day. So New Yorkers and tourists will have a bit of a reprieve from these service changes. Next year, the program will expand beyond Manhattan’s so-called Central Business District, and the rest of the city will begin to adapt to period diversions and nights without the subway. It’s a very necessary evil.

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4 Responses to “A Sixth Ave. return for Transit’s FASTRACK”

  1. Matthias says:

    Actually, this is incorrect. One major difference this time: D trains will run over the Manhattan Bridge, so through service will be available with an easy transfer at B’way-Lafayette. Hence Grand St will be open and there will be no shuttle bus.

    See the current map here.

  2. Alek says:

    Is the shuttle bus service from queens plaza to 21st-Queensbridge still operating?


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