Sandy Update: Bronx 5 service returns and a new map


A brief Friday late-morning update: The MTA announced that 5 service between E. 180th St. and Dyre Avenue has returned. At this point, outside of some express trains, the Bronx is enjoying a full slate of subway service. The MTA has also issued an update on the special Recovery Map. You can grab the PDF right here. Additionally, Staten Island Ferry service will be resuming from St. George at noon, with boats leaving every 30 minutes after that.

There’s still no word on the resumption of service between Brooklyn and Manhattan. The ball, however, is in Con Edison’s court, and the Governor has said as much. According to Thomas Kaplan of The Times, Andrew Cuomo said that by Sunday, “you’ll start to see the majority of the system restored.” He explained further at a late-morning press conference that the MTA is ready to power up the Joralemon St. tunnel, and once the power in Manhattan is back on, the trains can run. “If Downtown Manhattan is repowered,” hes said, “that would be a big step forward for the train system.” I can’t wait.

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  1. Phantom says:

    You rock

  2. Frank B says:

    This is ironic; for a brief moment in time, some Staten Islanders will have better transit to Manhattan than Brooklyn. Ferry > Bus.

    Thanks for the update, Ben.

    • al says:

      The East River Ferry got up and running yesterday. Its packed. Can they get larger boats? Can they route buses over to Roosevelt Island for the tram?

      • Frank B says:

        Oh, I didn’t know the ferry was up and running again. That’s an interesting question. The Roosevelt Island Tram IS there, but how much capacity does it really offer? I’d say it only provides as much as a packed bus; you’d be better off just sending the bus itself over the 59th Street Bridge, I’d imagine.

  3. Kevin P. says:

    There’s still a strange error on the map at Jay Street – MetroTech: the F stops there, but it’s only labeled with A·R, and the F bullet is missing.

    • Frank B says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too. They probably scrambled just to get a map up quickly.

      • Clarke says:

        At least they’ve updated the colors. The first time I saw it, the Lex was in G-train-green…I couldn’t believe it was so bad that the G to New Lots. Also, heard a supposedly “NYC” radio station talk about subway service and say “all trains are running except the B, Q, C, and E” over and over. I couldn’t believe the service was so well restored until I was able to get Internet and saw that this was not only untrue, it was blatantly false.

  4. HF James says:

    F/M no longer stopping at 57th St.

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