Sandy Update: J/Z trains head to Broad St. tomorrow

By · Published in 2012

We have another Sandy-related service restoration this afternoon: The MTA announced today that, beginning tomorrow at 6 a.m., J and Z trains will head south of Chambers St. for the first time since October. The BMT Nassau St. Line will again make station stops at Fulton Street and Broad Street. Trains had been operating only to Chambers St. as a result of storm-related damage.

According to the MTA’s announcement — I guess this one wasn’t important enough for the governor to broadcast himself — one of the main problems holding up service was damage from a fire. A third rail cable fire melted the signal cables that control the Broad St. interlocking. Thus, trains could not turn around at Broad St. New signal wires have been spliced in, and trains will run again tomorrow morning. Up next: The Montague St. Tunnel.

7 Responses to “Sandy Update: J/Z trains head to Broad St. tomorrow”

  1. Bill Reese says:

    I was secretly hoping that the Chamber Street J/Z station had flooded, which would have given a much needed washing to the whole place.

  2. alek says:

    Finally! Now the Lexington Ave Line can have some relief! Impressive job of the MTA really quick in a month they recovered almost the entire system.

  3. Someone says:

    I was actually hoping that the J/Z could be extended to Bay Parkway at least temporarily, and be the first service to run on the Nassau Street connection since 2010…

  4. LLQBTT says:

    That’s right, even Gov. Cuomo knows that the J & Z are shady.


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