Weekend work impacting seven subway lines


You’ve got vintage trains on Sunday, vintage buses next week and a whole host of service changes in between. Enjoy the weekend.

From 3:45 a.m. Saturday, December 8 to 10 p.m. Sunday, December 9, 2 trains operate in two sections due to track panel installation north of Bronx Park East.

  • Between Flatbush Avenue and East 180th Street*
  • Between East 180th Street and 241st Street

*2 trains are rerouted to Dyre Avenue at East 180th Street during this time.

From 3:45 a.m. to 6 a.m., Saturday, December 8 and from 11 p.m. Saturday, December 8 to 8 a.m. Sunday, December 9, 2 trains replace 5 shuttle trains between Dyre Avenue and East 180th Street. Note: 5 weekend service between Dyre Avenue and Bowling Green is unaffected.

From 11:45 p.m. Friday, December 7 to 5 a.m. Monday, December 10, Coney Island-bound D trains skip 167th Street, 161st Street and 155th Street due to track maintenance work at 167th Street.

From 10:45 p.m. Friday, December 7 to 5 a.m. Monday, December 10, there are no G trains between Court Square and Bedford-Nostrand Avs due to installation of electrical components north of Greenpoint Avenue. G trains operate between Church Avenue and Bedford-Nostrand Avs. Free shuttle buses operate between Bedford-Nostrand Avs. and Court Square making all G station stops.

From 5:30 a.m. Saturday, December 8 to 10 p.m. Sunday, December 9, there are no J trains between Crescent Street and Jamaica Center due to structural steel repair and painting north of Cypress Hills. J trains operate between Chambers Street and Crescent Street. Free shuttle buses operate between Crescent Street and 121st Street, then connect to the E at Jamaica-Van Wyck, where service to/from Sutphin Blvd. and Jamaica Center is available.

From 10:45 p.m. Friday, December 7 to 5 a.m. Monday, December 10, Manhattan-bound Q trains run express from Sheepshead Bay to Kings Highway due to track panel installation south of Kings Highway.

From 6 a.m. to midnight, Saturday, December 8, there will be no R train service between 34th Street and Whitehall Street, due to signal restoration in the Montague tunnel. Customers may use the 1 train between Times Square and Rector Street or the 4 or 5 trains between Union Square (N, Q) and Bowling Green as alternatives.

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34 Responses to “Weekend work impacting seven subway lines”

  1. Kai B says:

    For the entire past week now, a bunch of “components” have been making a very loud buzzing noise between Bedford Ave and 1 Ave on the L. Not sure what that’s about.

    At Bedford Ave towards the Bedford Ave exit it is almost deafening. During the ride through the Canarsie Tube you pass by several other “components” that quickly make themselves heard as you rush by.

    • brooklyn11211 says:

      Haven’t noticed the sound in the tube, but the noise on the platform is very loud. I actually thought it was some sort of alarm buzzing.

    • D in Bushwick says:

      I’ve noticed that too. They sound like cicadas and are at the start of the tunnel after the platform. They’re also within the East River tunnel.
      Anyone know what those are?

    • John says:

      Yes! I posted about these before but nobody responded as to what they were. I’m very curious. You can hear the buzzing as far as Montrose Av and I’m assuming farther. Who has an answer?!

  2. Jerrold says:

    When I receive those weekend service change E-mails every week, it STILL says that Smith-9th St. will be closed “until Fall 2012”. At this rate, I wonder if they will still be ritually giving us that statement every week in the Spring of 2013.

    • The current official word is “late fall/early winter.” So there’s still some time, I guess. It was originally supposed to be September.

      • Someone says:

        Is there any word on whether there will be F express service after Smith-9th Street reopens, or will it be delayed until spring 2015?

        • Kai B says:

          Was that ever actually announced? If I remember correctly the MTA just said something along the lines that it couldn’t be considered until the Culver Viaduct rehab project was complete.

          • Someone says:

            Chairman Lhota said that after the rehab project is complete, “there would be no impediment to implementing the F express”. I assumed that there would be express service once it is completed in 2013.

            • Andrew says:

              No, it just means that nothing will be physically standing in the way of operating express service. It doesn’t mean that it makes sense to operate express service on the line (just as it doesn’t make sense to operate express service on the West End line).

              At the very least, there would have to be a public hearing before express service is implemented. Two of the three busiest stations on the line would experience a significant service cut, and it’s certainly not clear to me that express service would be a net benefit to the riders.

              • Jerrold says:

                WHY would two stations get a service cut? I do not understand what you mean.

                • Matthias says:

                  Simple. Many of the busiest stations on the Culver line are local stations, which would be bypassed by an F express. Local service would necessarily be less frequent than it is now if some trains run express.

                  • Someone says:

                    If there is an F express, then by definition, isn’t there going to be a F local as well? Kind of like the Broad Street line in Philly.

              • Someone says:

                Which two stations? The only express services I am proposing are between Bergen St and Church Ave, not all the way down to Coney Island.

                • Epson45 says:

                  Bergen St lower level is in not great shape. MTA will not spend money to rehab it.

                  • Someone says:

                    Then the MTA can implement an express between Smith-9th and Church. Of course, the CBTC installation will make this a short-lived service.

                    • Andrew says:

                      The CBTC test track doesn’t stand in the way of rush hour express service – but common sense does.

                      Your proposal would reduce service at three stations, including a transfer point, but the time saved by the express would be marginal at best – the express wouldn’t even be able to pass the local ahead of it.

                      If the busiest stations were south of Church, express service would be seriously worth considering. But on this line, the busiest stations are all between Church and Bergen.

                    • Someone says:

                      See my post above, I am proposing a F local and a F express, not just the F express.

                      Commuters traveling north of Coney Island or Kings Highway taking the F express could travel to Church Avenue, then transfer to the F local. If they are taking the F local, they don’t need to transfer. I am not proposing that the F local be completely eliminated, I am proposing two similar services, one of which runs local and the other of which runs express.

                      This proposal, if implemented, would be similar to a diamond service.

                    • Andrew says:

                      But people at the local stations – including a transfer point and two of the three busiest stations on the line – would have to wait twice as long for a train. That’s a significant service cut.

                    • Someone says:

                      I revised my plan so that Bergen St and Carroll St are both served by the F diamond

                    • You can’t have the express trains stop at Carroll St. The express tracks bypass Carroll.

                    • Andrew says:

                      And I already responded to that: “Your proposal would reduce service at three stations, including a transfer point, but the time saved by the express would be marginal at best – the express wouldn’t even be able to pass the local ahead of it.”

                    • Someone says:

                      There will be switches at 4th Ave that allow trains to switch from local to express, when the project is done.

                • Andrew says:

                  Bergen and Carroll are two of the three busiest stations on the line. (Bergen is effectively a local station – it would require major capital investment to make the lower level usable as a platform.)

                  I’d be less concerned if some of the stations south of Church were skipped, since they are all comparatively lightly used.

        • Epson45 says:

          There will be no F express service at all. MTA is using the express tracks for CBTC testing only.

      • Epson45 says:

        It was re-schedule at the end of December 2012-ish. The entire Culver Viaduct Rehabilitation Project is still not schedule to complete at the end of 2013.

        MTA is blaming the contractor’s who screw up something.


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