Introducing the Second Ave. Sagas’ podcast ‘The Next Stop Is…’

By · Published in 2013

After nearly a year of tossing the idea around, long-term reader and veteran podcast producer Eric Brasure and I finally got the ball rolling on a new project, and today, I’m proud to introduce the first episode of “The Next Stop Is…” the new Second Ave. Sagas’ podcast. Every other Wednesday, I’ll join Eric to discuss some of the latest transit news and views. As the show develops we hope to respond to reader and listener questions and comments as well.

In the debut episode, we discuss the MTA’s new policy on station naming rights, the recently announced service increases to the G and M trains, and give some thoughts on the MTA’s next twenty years. We’re aiming to keep the show length at around 30 minutes — the perfect length for a subway ride listen.

We’ll be up and running in iTunes soon, and I’m working on a logo to add to the sidebar. In the mean time, you can listen here and grab a podcast-only RSS feed here.

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4 Responses to “Introducing the Second Ave. Sagas’ podcast ‘The Next Stop Is…’”

  1. Spiderpig says:

    Nice touch with the ending sound effect.

  2. David Abbey says:

    Enjoyable first podcast gentlemen! I love all things transit. I like how you aren’t just MTA Fanboys.

  3. Stephen - NYC says:

    I haven’t listened yet, but as soon as I heard of the talk about naming rights for station names, I was dumbfounded. Naming rights in general are an abomination, and to put them on station names is even more of a despicable act.
    It’s bad enough we already have one, we certainly do not need more.

    And don’t say it’s money the MTA needs. Let them raise the advertising rates for the billboards and wrap-arounds that we see already. We’re a captive audience as it is, I don’t want to hear a conductor announcing ads every 2 minutes as we all roll along a line. It will take them even longer to announce the station name if they have to announce the full corporate john’s name as well as the old-fashioned name of the station. And who’s going to pay for the signage changes on the platforms? Oh, I guess you’ll have to get the man and woman back who did all the station name recordings too.

    I don’t buy products / services from companies that paid for naming rights. Granted, I can’t avoid them all, but I do what I can. I can’t avoid the MTA, though.

    Hey, what about naming rights for the stations on Metro North and LIRR? Think about it, you get to Woodside on #7 and if they sold the name of subway stop to someone, what do you call the stop on the LIRR? Right now it’s all called Woodside. I can just hear the conductor on the LIRR, “Next Stop, Woodside – Brawndo.”

  4. ed mann says:

    Is the podcast no more?

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