Podcast: Episode 3 of ‘The Next Stop Is…’

By · Published in 2013

Allow me to present the third episode of “The Next Stop Is…”, the official Second Ave. Sagas podcast. Host Eric Brasure and I talk about the possibility of Aqueduct station in Queens being renamed, the MTA/TWU arbitrator being dismissed and what that might indicate for the future of contract negotiations, and whether or not QueensWay will become a reality. I’m definitely talking too quickly at times in this one, but I promise to slow down next week.

To grab the audio file to listen, click here. You can also find the podcast in iTunes. This week’s recording runs a little short of 30 minutes, the perfect amount of time for your subway commute. We’ll be back with a new episode in two weeks. We’d love to take reader questions too so if you have a topic you’d like me to cover, leave a comment or drop me a note.

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9 Responses to “Podcast: Episode 3 of ‘The Next Stop Is…’”

  1. Kevin Zeng says:

    I need to Bring back the Brown M train to Bay Parkway on the D train West End Line Station.
    This is a Brooklyn bound M train the Next Stop is Bowery at the Essex Street Station.
    1. D, N, and R train are too crowded at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center and 36th Street Station.
    2. Waiting for the R train is too long for 20 minutes everyday at Prospect Avenue Station due to the lateness of this train.
    3. The R train is too slow and too crowded.
    Brown M train will be running from Essex Street to Bay Parkway on the D train West End Line Station. Brown M train will be running on the 4th Avenue Local line.

  2. MH says:

    I’ve enjoyed your podcasts so far. I have one issue though…the volume levels are not even. One of you sounds louder than the other and I have to adjust the volume every time you all speak.

  3. Jerrold says:

    Maybe off-topic, but one part of this article is very much on-topic for this blog:

    I heard somewhere that some women had been considering a “Rosa Parks style” protest by sitting down in the front section of a bus on that line in Brooklyn.

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