Map: FASTRACK on the A train

By · Published in 2013
It's a map.

It’s a map.

The city’s most boring* FASTRACK returns tonight at 10 p.m. It runs each night this week until 5 a.m. I’m still scratching my head over the need to run a shuttle bus for all of two blocks down Dyckman St. Anyway, the details:

  • There will be no service on the A between 168th Street and 207th, and the A will run local south of 168th St.
  • Get the 1 train service at nearby stations between 207th Street and Dyckman Street.
  • Take the M4 bus for service to and from 168th St. and A train stations at 190th Street, 181st Street and 175th Street.
  • Grab a shuttle bus connecting Dyckman Street 1 and Dyckman Street A stations.
  • Hop on regular Bx12 service connecting 207th Street 1 and 207th Street A stations.

*Unless you live in Washington Heights along the A train or in Inwood

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8 Responses to “Map: FASTRACK on the A train”

  1. PaulRomaine says:

    “I’m still scratching my head over the need to run a shuttle bus for all of two blocks down Dyckman St.”

    Ah! Those simplified MTA Maps. There are actually four blocks (about 1/3 of a mile) from the A Train station to the IRT station on Dyckman: Vermilyea, Sherman, Post and Nagle.

    • Roxie says:

      Also, the area around there is pretty heavily hilled… It’s in the favor of people coming off the 1 train, cuz it’s all downhill from there usually, but someone going up from the Dyckman A train would probably be in for a hike.

      • Sunny says:

        But when they close the 1 north of 168 and ask passengers to take the A instead for Dyckman and 207 St, they don’t have a shuttle bus…it’s the same street (and uptown passengers will have to walk up the hill too)

      • David says:

        At Dyckman the ground is pretty much flat, at least I’ve never noticed any real hill the hundreds of times I’ve walked that stretch between the IND and IRT stations.

    • Simon says:

      It’s two blocks on the south side of the street and four on the north side. It’s still barely far enough to make it worthwhile taking a bus, and Dyckman is flat.

  2. Frank B says:

    If you recall, in past weeks, the MTA sometimes elected to run a shuttle bus up the full route of the IND, this new map instead directs customers to alternate, existing bus routes for 4 of the 5 stations; the MTA is probably realizing a notable cost savings by only having one station served by an entirely new shuttle bus; I imagine the shortness of the route allows them to have a single additional bus and a single additional driver, as opposed to the previous, full shuttle route, which likely required several buses and several drivers.

    • BruceNY says:

      I have to wonder: wouldn’t it be even cheaper and simpler simply to extend the M4 to the IRT Dyckman St. stop instead of adding a separate shuttle?

      • Simon says:

        There’s not a good route to do that. It could go from 190th to Dyckman via the Cloisters, but not come back the same way.

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