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181st St. station to remain closed indefinitely

by Benjamin Kabak

This comes as little surprise to those of us following the story, but the Daily News is reporting today that the 181st St. station on the 1 line “isn’t opening anytime soon,” according to transit officials. While workers have cleared debris from the tracks and trains are now running through the station, Transit has no timetable for completing repairs to the 103-year-old station. Employees at the station entrance said it would be at least a “few more weeks.”

Meanwhile, as part of the collateral damage, the businesses on the mezzanine level are concerned about the loss of traffic through the normally packed station. “It’s a killer,” Hassan Cheikhali said to the News. “If it stays like this, we’ll have to close. But the MTA, they don’t care. They didn’t say anything.” It sounds like Second Ave. all over again.

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Mike Nitabach August 28, 2009 - 6:50 pm

I think this situation is highly relevant to the question you raised in your post about whether the MTA should fix and maintain existing shit, or build new shit. If we are talking about a zero-sum game, in my opinion there is no question that fixing and maintaining existing shit *must* take precedence over building new shit.

Andrew August 30, 2009 - 11:01 pm

Good news: I got an email alert an hour or two ago announcing that it’s reopening at 5:00 tomorrow morning.


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