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Get your Second Ave. Sagas fill on social media

by Benjamin Kabak

The 1979 subway map on a vintage Neiman Marcus tumbler.

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With the vagaries of other responsibilities, I don’t always have time to write lengthy posts every day, but that doesn’t mean you get get your fill of Second Ave. Sagas-style commentary elsewhere. For those days, such as today, when I don’t new content here, you can always find me on Twitter and fans of the site should give me a like on Facebook. Additionally, I post some scenes from the subway on Instagram. As always, thanks for checking in, and I’ll be back tonight with some thoughts on why New York City has been so resistant to adopt articulated train sets. For all of the talk about the subway’s capacity problems, open gangways would be an easy solution to a complex problem.

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Beebo April 7, 2015 - 6:55 pm

That depends. If a car on a trainset needs repairs, do they take the 5-car trainset (for IRT) offline, or do they just grab the single car? For that matter, trucking cars to the Rockaways, post-Sandy, would have been interesting with articulated cars. I assume the articulated cars would be roughly double the length of the current single car…


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