MTA to look into these fancy computer things

By · Published in 2007

The MTA today announced plans to spend $1.3 million in an effort to computerize their elevator and escalator outage system. Their current system — which relies on input for notoriously unreliable station workers — does a fairly bad job of tracking outages among the system’s 158 elevators and 169 escalators. The MTA board will vote to approve this plan later this week at the same meeting during which they will probably approve the fare hike. [The New York Times]

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2 Responses to “MTA to look into these fancy computer things”

  1. Mischa G says:

    Does this mean that the escalator at 59th and Lex won’t be broken every other day sometime in the future? Seriously, that thing is broken more often than it’s working and it’s a LONG flight of stairs otherwise.

  2. Nah. It’ll just mean that someone who can fix it will know in a more timely fashion and that folks in cell range or at home can check and get up-to-date information.

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