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NYCT will not let you pee

by Benjamin Kabak

According to a story in the Daily News, if you’re driving a New York City Transit bus and you have to pee, you better hold it in. William Torres was driving an overtime shift along the shuttle bus route mirroring the G train this weekend when, at the end of one ride, he had to relieve himself. The supervisor warned him against it and then sent him home when Torres made the pit stop anyway. The MTA is now investigating why a supervisor would not let a driver use the facilities at some point during a nine-hour shift. [Daily News]

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guestofaguest January 16, 2008 - 7:34 pm

Talk about hazardous workplace environment!

The Secret Conductor January 23, 2008 - 10:09 pm

The are plusses and minuses working for transit… pay is great and there is no lack of boredom (in fact you want it to be boring because drama means you can loose your job) and the benifets are good too… but the workplace environment is really bad (dirty, bad air quality for underground crew rooms… and the bathrooms…ugggg). Bathroom breaks revolve around train and bus schedules… and I think you know that is not really how it works. and don’t get sick while at work… good lawd!

the train is bad but busses are worst when it comes to relieving yourself. So much for drinking 4-8 glasses a day.


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