Critiquing COMMUTE’s BRT plan

By · Published in 2008

While this morning I praised COMMUTE’s Bus Rapid Transit plan for the way it connects the city’s boroughs, not everyone believes this to be the best plan. Regular SAS commenter and fellow blogger Cap’n Transit offered up his issues with the COMMUTE plan. In short, he doesn’t feel that the COMMUTE plan brings low-income residents who don’t have nearby subway access to their jobs. These routes, he writes, “don’t seem to go to very many obvious low-wage job centers.” It is a valid argument and one that bears further scrutiny as New York heads toward an age of BRT. [Cap’n Transit Rides Again]

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  1. Thanks, Ben! As far as brainstorming goes, the COMMUTE plan is a great start. But if you read the just-released DOT Strategic Plan, they’ll be looking for five new BRT corridors in the next few years. What should they be?

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