A SubTalk change, in verse

By · Published in 2008

There once were some placards with rhyme
To destroy them would be quite a crime.
But the MTA
They did say
Poetry in Motion simply ran out of time.

After 15 years of verse in our heart,
SubTalk will now turn to history and art.
E.B. White and Galileo
Don’t flow quite like Longfellow.
But now we’ll know more about Descartes.

Train of Thought this new program is called.
Alicia Martinez hopes riders will be enthralled.
The Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications
really enjoys these new creations,
and this week they will all be installed.

These new excerpts will come in twos
Every three months you’ll have more to peruse
And with funding from Barnes & Noble,
a much better company than ExxonMobil,
it’s more educational than television news.

4 Responses to “A SubTalk change, in verse”

  1. Todd says:

    Most excellent!

  2. Wayne's World says:

    “Most excellent”–hey, wait a minute. That’s supposed to be my line. Anyway, great stuff.


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