NYT: Gantt a problem for sensible transit solutions

By · Published in 2008

Remember when, last month, David Gantt singlehandedly squashed any effective BRT-lane enforcement measures? Of course you do. Well, so does The New York Times, and today, a full 36 days after Gantt’s back-room dealings, the newspaper of record decided to opine on the issue. In an editorial today, the Gray Lady says that Gantt must go. Well, duh.

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One Response to “NYT: Gantt a problem for sensible transit solutions”

  1. Atrick says:

    I must say that although I don’t like the idea of someone outside of NYC dictating policy for NYC buses or subways, that in this case I am not so upset. I think there are more then enough cameras in NYC without adding more to monitor BRT Lanes. It’s unfortunate the city counsel did not see this mater to being with, but maybe it’s good to have someone else watching our backs.

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