New South Ferry Terminal delayed

By · Published in 2009

Once upon a time, the new South Ferry Terminal was due to open in early 2008. It’s now the end of January 2009 and a good six weeks since I went on a tour of the new terminal. At the time, Michael Horodniceanu, the president of MTA Capital Construction, told the gaggle of reporters that the new station stop would open by early January. Now, in his piece on the Fulton St. hub, Bobby Cuza notes that the station opening has been delayed due to final testing. Shocking, I know. An announced opening date could come later this week.

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3 Responses to “New South Ferry Terminal delayed”

  1. rhywun says:

    I’m gonna guess June–same as the DTV delay.


  1. […] I noted yesterday that the South Ferry Terminal opening has been postponed, I reported that this delay was due to some testing. It turns out the station won’t open for […]

  2. […] spokesman can’t give an opening date at this time. This comes after it didn’t open in January 2009 or December 2008, which were two previously announced opening […]

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