Improvising a garbage can

By · Published in 2009


Where: The south end of the Manhattan-bound platform at the Q/B stop at 7th Ave. in Brooklyn.
When: Now and then, but specifically, January 30 at around 12:30 p.m.

The garbage cans at the 7th Ave. station are near the staircases at the extreme other end of the platform. Yet, people congregate near the back of the train in droves during the morning. With the nearest garbage cans the equivalent of a city block and a half away, straphangers improvise. Here, the garbage can is a nook created by a pipe connecting the newer part of the station with the original area. Perhaps a real garbage can or two at other ends of the city’s subway stations would make for a cleaner system overall.

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  1. rhywun says:

    In my station it’s some sort of electrical box hooked to the wall that serves as a platform for empty cans of Red Bull and discarded Metro papers.

    • herenthere says:

      In the stations I visit, the garbage can are the station + tracks! 🙂
      If it were me, I would never put my garbage anywhere-always wait until I see the next garbage can…

  2. Kris Datta says:

    This is kind of off topic but once the MTA gets out of their financial crisis they should work to make the system more appealing and clean. They could start by redesigning their trash cans.

  3. StationStops says:

    At my University, when they laid the new lawn they waited a month to lay the paved walking paths.

    They simply looked at the most heavily traveled paths which students had been taking over the lawns, and paved them.

    Similarly, if you note locations like this, its god telling you where to place a trash can.

    • Brandon says:

      Thats a pretty good idea. At the Uni i went to, the paths were totally not in the natural paths, and the grass showed it.


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