The graphical state of the MTA funding debate

By · Published in 2009

Confused by the state of the MTA funding debate? Not sure who proposed what or which faction support what plan? You’re not alone, and New York Magazine wants to enlighten you.

Courtesy of Jacob Gershman and the weekly mag comes a guide in subway map form. While not quite as confusing as the old Vingelli subway map, this new chart attempts to replicate a map with which we are all familiar. Check it out:

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2 Responses to “The graphical state of the MTA funding debate”

  1. Rhywun says:

    We are so f—-d.

  2. Skip Skipson says:

    sometime I wonder, if the MTA started to cut cleaning graffiti off the subway cars ala the 70’s would the state legislature send consistent revenue streams to the MTA?…probably not I guess we are screwed

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