Gov’t investigating two MTA concrete testers

By · Published in 2009

The MTA is not having much luck with its concrete testers. Last year, Testwell Laboratories, the company tasked with verifying the strength of the concrete used for the Second Ave. Subway, came under a government indictment for falsifying records, and the MTA turned to American Standard Testing Laboratories to oversee the SAS concrete pour and the concrete work on the 7 line extension. Yesterday, William Rashbaum reported that ASTL is now facing government scrutiny and a possible Grand Jury indictment concerning falsified reports as well. Additionally, Stallone Testing Laboratories, the company testing the concrete used for the Fulton St. Hub, is under investigation as well.

Despite these problems, the MTA says everything is a-OK at their construction sites. “We have independently tested all critical concrete with no problems discovered,” MTA Spokesman Jeremy Soffin said to Rashbaum in a statement. “We will continue to independently test to ensure safety and accuracy.” It’s just another day for construction companies in New York City.

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