A view of the map with sunglasses

By · Published in 2010

Have you seen the latest sunglasses in Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer line? The latest rare edition of Ray-Ban’s top-selling frame features an iconic image on the inside. We’ve seen dresses with the Vignelli map, and now sunglasses with our familiar schematic of the New York City subway system are available as well. Between the boxers for sale by the Transit Museum, the dress and these stylin’ glasses, a savvy New Yorker could don the subway map as an outfit.

The rare “NYC Subway” edition of these popular frames retail for just under $145, and they’re going fast. Bloomingdale’s has them for sale in blue, but most places are already sold out. Act quickly before they’re all gone. After the jump, another view.

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4 Responses to “A view of the map with sunglasses”

  1. Scott E says:

    Cool looking, but not quite accurate. Looking next to the hinge on the right side, it looks like I can get on the A, C, 1, 9, or question-mark trains at Herald Square.

  2. Sara says:

    It looks like, for the sake of visual density, they’ve overlaid several copies of the map. It is funny, though, that there is a question mark where Scott pointed out.


  1. […] love today. Yet, Vignelli’s map has always been a popular one. It’s appeared on sunglasses and dresses, and in 2008, Vignelli issued an update for Men’s […]

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