Monday evening Metro-North, NJ Transit updates


After a quiet Monday morning spend digging out from this weekend’s storm, the MTA announced this evening that most of its Metro-North service will be restored for Tuesday morning. The agency says that 85 percent of its morning peak customers will have service tomorrow as the entire Hudson and New Haven Main Lines along with the Lower Harlem Line to North White Plains will enjoy a regular schedule. Service will remain suspended on the Upper Harlem and New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury branch lines as well as the Port Jervis Line west of the Hudson. It might be a few days for the remaining 15 percent of impacted Metro-North riders.

Meanwhile, across the river, New Jersey Transit said it would restore “most” service by Tuesday morning. As the Wall Street Journal summarized, the authority still expects “delays and cancellations,” but Northeast Corridor trains will run to and from New Brunswick. Trains will leave from New York once an hour and run into the city every 20 minutes. Montclair-Boonton line will go only as far as Little Falls while the Port Jervis line could remain shut for a while.

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