Photo of the Day: Bike hooks for the M-8s


Cyclists at Grand Central Terminal on Friday tested prototype bicycle hooks being piloted on Metro-North's M-8 cars by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Patrick Cashin.

For a long time, bicyclists and Metro-North trains have co-existed rather uneasily. The MTA charges a $5 permit for those who wish to bring their bikes on board, but the limitations are extensive. Bikes are, of course, not allowed at all in peak directions during peak hours, and the railroad limits the total number of bicycles per train to four during the week and just eight during the weekend. For cyclists who want to take advantage of the numerous trails around the New York area, these rules make riding the rails onerous and sometimes impractical.

On and off, we’ve heard of efforts by the MTA to improve the way bikes are stored on Metro-North trains. The authority originally announced a prototype test on the M-7s back in 2009 but had to cancel amidst cost concerns last year. Now, the prototype is back on track.

Last Friday, Metro-North held a demonstration of a potential bike solution for the M-8 trains. They tested two types of hooks as cyclists experimented with the hanging bike hooks. I’ve heard that test trains will run on the New Haven line between now and November 13, and NYCC has published the prototype schedule. Bikes can be just as intrusive as those travelers with giant luggage who often use Metro-North, and adding hooks as an accommodation should help make it easier for those on two wheels to get around.

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6 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Bike hooks for the M-8s”

  1. Larry Littlefield says:

    The big news for suburbanites who bike is the city’s proposed bike sharing system.

    This would allow a MetroNorth rider to ride their own bike to their local station, and lock it there rather than taking it on the train. They would then pick up a shared bike at Grand Central and ride it to their destination.

  2. chemster says:

    Actually, I think the photo of the day ought to be of the water main break which is causing the service disruptions on the A/B/C/D

    details at:

    (pictures on Gothamist via DNAInfo)

  3. David says:

    Chemster, get up there and take some photos!
    Anything that gets people off their large backsides to get some exercise is good for the nation.
    I started biking again the last year or so and I can’t believe how much I missed it. NYC is relatively easy since it’s mostly flat but there are some very hostile local drivers. Apparently if I were driving a Navigator instead, they would respect my space and safety.
    Pedestrians seem to think of bikers as pedestrians not gauging 200lbs coming at them at 15mph. I’ve collided twice with pedestrians using bike lanes.
    Brooklyn, stop your damn bike lane whining. You ought to experience the militant & demanding cyclists of San Francisco.

    • chemster says:

      Alas, I work in midtown and I won’t be able to take any pictures anytime soon. I’m sure you can find pictures if you look around.

      Also, I know that Ben probably didn’t know about the water main break when he posted the picture of the new bike hooks. Sorry if I sounded too snarky above!

  4. Alex C says:

    So when are the local news stories about bike racks being possible terrorist ploys coming? Looking at you, CBS and FOX.

  5. Andrew says:

    So who has priority, the person with the bike or the person who wants to sit in that seat (or whichever of the two gets there first)?

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