Map of the Day: The Gotham City Subway

By · Published in 2011

In fictional universes, subway systems do not have to make much sense. (Photo via Brian Donohue of The Star-Ledger. Click to enlarge.)

Via The Star-Ledger comes this glimpse at an alternate-universe subway map. Posted outside of the Newark Subway stop at Military Park late last week, this map shows how the subways run throughout Bruce Wayne’s Gotham City. Frankly, the whole thing is a bit of a mess with subways criss-crossing each other and the city at odd angles. Routes feature steep curves, some unnecessarily close stops and some zany transfer options. On the bright side, Gotham City planners have certainly managed to provide for some better inter-borough subway connections than we have in New York, and their subway system runs to Batman’s equivalent of Staten Island.

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21 Responses to “Map of the Day: The Gotham City Subway”

  1. Alex C says:

    I like how some lines just straight up randomly go off the map into the unknown.

  2. Brian says:

    cute they even have their purple line going their equivalent of New Jersey

  3. John-2 says:

    The Gotham City Vignelli subway map was a lot more stylish.

  4. Name says:

    Jesus, the insane fantasy subway maps are better than this…

  5. I wonder if the guy or girl at some prop shop somewhere who made this is actually a subway/transit enthusiast…. These things are often put together with little internal consistency. Six Flags Great Adventure’s Batman ride is themed as the GTA (its a wild mouse). I believe their map is very different. These things are all made by different people who try to pick out the memorable highlights of each world – not cohesively think out every detail.

  6. Clarke says:

    Their Airtrain seems to run like its own rail system! Look at all the interchanges! If only it were that easy to get to the airports.

  7. pea-jay says:

    They must not have a funding issue over at GTA because that #2 line looks very expensive to build and more or less duplicates services found close by…

  8. Tom says:

    Interesting. Looks like two Subway systems, based on the line numbers/letters: 1-4, A, G, J, R, Z. There’s also an Airtrain at the top of the map, and references to GTA Rail and bus connections. There are also grey dashed lines that I thought were a ferry service, but since the lines cross land and water that rules that out.

    I guess Downtown Gotham is around the large park on the right side of the bottom large island, as most of the lines pass near it.

    As pointed out before, Gotham had lots of money to spend on tunnels under the river, especially lines 2 & 4. But there are some obvious gaps in the system. The Gotham J line goes around the downtown, but has no transfers to any line going into the downtown. They stopped the south end of the Z line one stop short

    • pea-jay says:

      The more I look at this, the more the 2 looks like an abomination. It duplicates too many routing options while completely skipping what might have been a good connection to the 1 line where it meets with the G.

      And what’s with the black dots and white circle dots? Is that express and local service?

    • Walter says:

      Could those dashed lines be the monorail system built by Thomas Wayne?

      • Jeffrey says:

        I can’t tell whether or not Thomas Wayne’s monorail system appears on this map. Are they represented by the dashed lines? Or are these subway lines actually monorail lines? When Christopher Nolan went out of his way to show how Thomas Wayne was such a great financier/philanthropist Gothamite, it seems like the prop person would make more of an effort to include the monorail into this map.

  9. Kevin says:

    I wonder if I could somehow get my hands on that prop. It would be a great piece of memorabilia.

  10. Tsuyoshi says:

    This evidently did not utilize cut-and-cover…

  11. Christopher says:

    Its not that the trains take sharp turns, the map just isn’t geographically accurate to the actual shape of Gotham City.

  12. Alon Levy says:

    I thought that the Nolan movies established that Gotham’s rapid transit is elevated and centered around the Wayne Industries building, but does not go over the bridges (or if it does, it’s at-grade so the island is cut off if the bridges are raised).

  13. Can you please send me the War file without the jars?

  14. Someone says:

    I like how the diamond services and local and express stations are placed at random. There is one question: Why do some of the lines go off the map? And in the upper right hand corner, note that the green line goes into their equivalent of the Bronx, with a long stretch of station-less track.


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