Photo: Early glimpse at an R188 car?


Is this an early glimpse at the cars delivered as part of contract R188? (Photo via Wikipedia)

The Internets were all abuzz today with word that the first of the R188s hit the Corona Yards last night with more to follow. The cars aren’t yet ready for revenue service, but they are sitting out in the open for shutterbugs to snap. Reportedly, the photo above from Wikipedia is the first glimpse we’ve had of the new order of rolling stock.

The R188 order is a strange one. The MTA is purchasing only a limited number of new cars while they’re converting a bunch of R142As into CBTC-ready sets. What you’re seeing here is a converted R142A. The new cars aren’t yet ready for delivery, and the 7 line isn’t yet ready for CBTC either.

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  1. Alex C says:

    One of the previous threads on SubChat suggested that the R142-R188 conversions keep their old propulsion systems while the 11th C-cars would have the newer Bombardier propulsion systems. Not sure why the MTA didn’t just go ahead and upgrade all the way. Those R142A cars run like [expletive] on the 6 with constant bucking.

  2. Phil says:

    Not looking forward to a Lexington Avenue Line that’s not fully R142/R142A…

  3. I will say that I was at Queensboro Plaza one evening, when what appeared to be an R142 pulled up on the Astoria bound track from the 60th Street Tunnel. The 10 car set waited in the station, then switched to the Flushing/Corona line and began it’s trip east to Flushing.

    I wonder if that is the same train. Car 7273: http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net.....3712_n.jpg

  4. Amanda says:

    Has MTA released a timeline for when these train cars will be put into service? They’ve told us that construction will take place for several years, but it would be nice to have some early benefits to look forward to.

  5. Chris T says:

    It’s been 4 days since i took the photo, which is 5-car set 7211-7215 (formerly an R142A, now overhauled into an R188).

    They just brought in another set, which i am not sure if it’s another conversion, or an R142A awaiting conversion, but either way, it’s going to be tested on the Flushing Line. However, The R188 conversions have minor interior differences, including a bulging panel which contains the CBTC equipment near the motorman’s cab and a two-screen operator’s panel (they already had provisions for CBTC equipment).


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