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SAS to Brooklyn Record: We’re in a fight

by Benjamin Kabak


Pardon me while I use my blog to air my petty grievances. I’ll be back with your regularly scheduled subway posting later today.

Dear Brooklyn Record:

Let’s start out on a good note: I like you! After living in Manhattan for much of my childhood, I’m now living in Brooklyn, and you have given me a good insight into this vibrant borough. You provide me with news about borough politics, tidbits about life in Brooklyn and info about restaurants that I as a foodie really appreciate.

At the end of each day, you post a so-called “Blog Wrap.” And this why we’re in a fight: Despite my best efforts at self-promotion — a must for any new blog still trying to find an audience on the Internets — you refuse to link to Second Ave. Sagas.

Now, I’m no newbie when it comes to blogging. I’ve been blogging on baseball for three years. I know the courtesies of the Internet, and I’ve helped new blogs get traffic. Now, it’s your turn, Brooklyn Record. Three times, I have sent you Brooklyn-related posts including one this week about the Myrtle Ave. station that was a follow-up to one of your posts. (Yeah, right. Like I’m going to link to it today.)

Instead, you continually post Blog Wrap links to Gothamist posts which often don’t relate to Brooklyn; you love Curbed; and you’re not afraid to give your sister site Brownstoner the occasional shout out. But today you crossed the line.

Oh, today, dear Brooklyn Record, as part of your so-called Blog Wrap, you linked to a post in your own forum that contained a one-line sentence about this upcoming weekend’s L train service and a link to last weekend’s MTA weekend service advisory. Not only is it a blog, but you didn’t even supply the person asking the question with the proper information. (Note: By Friday, the information in the link in question will be correct, but only by dint of the day of the week.)

So we’re in a fight, Brooklyn Record. We’re in a fight until I get my link. I will continue to write about Brooklyn subways and continue to send you my links. But share! Share your links. Be good to a fellow New York blogger. What did I ever do to you?


Second Ave. Sagas

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