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Have you ever seen the rain, coming down in the subway?

by Benjamin Kabak

When John Fogerty wrote the song Have you ever seen the rain? for Creedence in 1970, I don’t think he was talking about the subway. But it sure works as a misheard lyric and couldn’t be more appropriate considering what’s heading our way.

To sum it up: New York is facing the Storm of the Year this weekend. While it will be thankfully warm enough to avoid snow, we’re looking at heavy rains and strong winds for Sunday. In fact, 36 hours before the storm should hit, the National Weather Service has already issued a Coastal Flood Watch and a Flood Watch for New York City and the surrounding areas. As SUBWAYblogger noted, the weather tends to wreck havoc with the subways. So plan accordingly.

Meanwhile, the ever-prepared MTA is trying its best to batten down its hatches. They have un-suspended the J service for Sunday but you folks in Brooklyn the A are out of luck for now.

Full weekend service alerts can be found here. I’ll catch you on Monday with more from all aspects of this Second Ave. subway line. Stand clear of the closing doors.

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