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SAS in line for $280M Federal grant

by Benjamin Kabak

I nearly missed this teeny story in The Post this week: Sen. Chuck Schumer has guaranteed $490 million in federal money for the city’s ongoing transportation projects. The East Side Access project will get $210 million, and the Second Ave. Subway, so near and dear to my heart, will receive $280 million. That’s enough for about, oh, one block of construction.

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Josh Karpoff February 27, 2009 - 1:01 pm

Hey, that’s one block closer to reality.
The more money they pour into the project, the more likely they are to continue doing so.

Once they get the TBM running, the Sandhogs (Tunnel Workers Union) will fight with every fiber of their bodies and every dime of their PAC war chest to keep the project moving. Just like they’ve done with DEP Water Tunnel #3.

Plus its federal money specifically for this project, so the state, city and MTA can’t loot it to spend on other stupid things.

Andy February 27, 2009 - 2:14 pm

yes but I believe this was the 2009 installment of previously committed Fed money – it’s nothing new, MTA still needs $3B to complete Phase I (and keep keep in mind interest costs on capital debt come out of operations budget). I wish it weren’t so but this is not as good news as it seems

John February 27, 2009 - 2:56 pm

I can’t wait to ride on even a block of the SAS. I’m only in my 20’s so there’s a decent chance I’ll live to see the day!

Richard Green March 1, 2009 - 3:02 am

The war in Iraq costs are over 13 billion dollars each month.

The cost of building a full length SAS is estimated at a total cost of 16 billion dollars. So lets suspend the war for about 5 weeks and like magic! We would now have enough money to build it.


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