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A New York City cartographer’s dream job

by Benjamin Kabak

Via Kottke.org comes a link to a job description fit for a New York-based cartographer. New York City Transit is looking for a map manager. Here’s your chance to reimagine the subway map as you see fit. Job responsibilities include:

…the design and timely updating of NYCT’s printed and online map products, including the extensive service schedule panels on the reverse side of all “pocket” bus maps; researching and responding to map design and information issues; identifying, researching, recommending, and adapting evolving map drawing and production technologies; adapting Transit’s map products to the agency website and providing modified products for third party publications; advising on or producing custom maps for major agency initiatives and proposals; advising and assisting on other product design, graphics technology procurements and related staff training for all graphics services in Marketing and Service Information.

Related responsiblities include interfacing with the Planning and Schedules departments to obtain, understand and verify service information and changes; interfacing with MTA HQ for direction on product cover and other style changes; supervising press runs; etc. Annual output includes approximately 5 million printed pieces.

I’d love to pick the brains of the person who lands this job. After all, who doesn’t have their own views on the design and purpose of the city’s ubiquitous map?

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Nathanael September 12, 2010 - 10:40 pm

SubwayWeekender should apply.


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