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Link: Second Ave. Sagas on Instagram

by Benjamin Kabak

On my way to the All Star Game yesterday evening, I had a chance to walk to the western end of the 7 train platform at Times Square. If you peer into the tunnel, you see not a dead end but a temporary wall obscuring the 7 line extension. In less a year, these trains will run to the Hudson Yards, but for now, the signal system and third rail power end at 42nd St. I snapped the picture above from the railfan window at the back of train and posted it to Instagram. I like to think that it’s a pretty neat photograph.

While this site remains my primary outlet for transit-related content, I wanted to take a minute or two to point you in a few other directions. In addition to the blog, I’ve been maintaining that Instagram account where I post photos of sights and scenes from the New York City subway system. I’ve photographed old maps, unique Metrocards and Arts for Transit installations. Occasionally I’ll branch out to other transportation-related locales as well as I did a few weeks ago when I found myself across the street from the TWA terminal at night. Give me a follow right here for more.

Beyond Instagram, SAS maintains an active Twitter feed where I discuss transit-related news and developments that may or may not make it into a longer post. I also have a Facebook page with links to new content, photos and event announcements. If you’re into social media, check ’em all out. It’s a great way to get Second Ave. Sagas in many different forms, and as they say, variety is the spice of life.

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Seth R. July 17, 2013 - 2:45 pm

Hey Ben, I’ve been meaning to ask: Can you replace the “Follow @SecondAvenueSagas” button on the right of the blog with a normal link to your twitter feed? It makes it easier to go check out the feed when it doesn’t take you to the “follow” dialog every time.


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