Smith-9th St. F/G stop to be out for a year

By · Published in 2007

Once the MTA starts work on the Culver viaduct rehabilitation plan, the F/G station at Smith-9th Sts. that serves Carroll Garden, Gowanus and Red Hook will be shuttered for a year. Metro guesses that the 12-month closure will take place in 2010. [Metro via The Gowanus Lounge]

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4 Responses to “Smith-9th St. F/G stop to be out for a year”

  1. What if the MTA were actually interested in making up for closing a station for a year?

  2. BK person says:

    Just in time for Bloomberg’s announcement that he wants to put in express service on the F in Brooklyn…


  1. […] and Carroll Gardens. That bombshell: In 2010, the Smith-9th Sts. subway stop on the F and G lines will be closed for nearly an entire year due to the Culver Viaduct Rehabiliation. For Brooklynites trying to get to the nearest subway and […]

  2. […] viaduct work is completed, but that’s bad news only in the abstract. Worse is the news that the Smith-9th St. stop will be closed for the better part of 2010 with service changes (detailed in PDF form and below) affecting the line for […]

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