John Liu just doesn’t get it

By · Published in 2007

While I already spoke at length about the inevitable fate of the fare hike and everyone’s reaction to it, one statement stuck out like a sore thumb. John Liu, City Council member from Queens and the head of the transportation committee, had this to say:

There’s no need for any fare increase of any kind now. The MTA needs to drop this arrogant effort to hike the fares and instead get down to the real business of running our mass transit system, of fixing stations, of terror-proofing the subways, of installing communications capabilities, and maintaining the storm drainage systems.

What? How is the MTA supposed to run a mass transit system if they don’t have money? How are they supposed to fix stations and magically terror-proof the subways without the funds to do so? Ponder that one, Mr. Liu, while you receive the inaugural edition of the Dumbest Statement of the Day Award from Second Ave. Sagas. Of all the responses to the fare hike, this one takes the cake.

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11 Responses to “John Liu just doesn’t get it”

  1. for real says:

    John Liu always comes up with wankerish statements. Heaven forbid the MTA should be allowed to keep up with inflation, the politicians act as if they’re hiding a magic wand that will fix all of the system’s problems.

  2. Todd says:

    Has John ever voted for a City Council raise? I’m just wondering.

  3. paulb says:

    I heard Liu in conversation on WNYC a few weeks ago, and all I could think at the time was that I wished I lived in his district so I could vote against him. Thanks for posting this, it’s much more articulate than anything I could have put up.

  4. Well, what I think he means is that the MTA should cut down on all the high-salaried jobs they offer and all the abuse w/in the system.

    (Let it be known that I’m no supporter of Liu)


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