A shuttle bus for Smith-9th Sts.

By · Published in 2007

With the impending (in 2010) closure of the Smith-9th Sts. F/G stop due to work on the Culver Viaduct, pols in the area are already calling for shuttle bus service. Member of the NYC Assembly Joan Millman, as Brownstoner notes, is calling on the MTA to start this service now to alleviate chornic overcrowding on the F. The bus would run from Red Hook to Smith-9th Sts. and through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Sounds good to me. [Brownstoner]

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3 Responses to “A shuttle bus for Smith-9th Sts.”

  1. Todd says:

    Isn’t the closure going to affect the 4ave/9th st stop too?

  2. Gary says:

    Here in the ‘hood, we’re lobbying all the electeds to get on board. I’ve corresponded with Markowitz’s office and deBlasio’s as well, soliciting letters of support. Millman’s letter is on the right track. (Christ, that’s two unintentional RR puns in two sentences). In theory, this shuttle service could actually result in a better commute than some Smith/Ninthers have today . . . if it’s done right. The Battery Tunnel is right up the street from Smith/Ninth, it’s an ideal cutoff.

    Todd – 4th Ave will see disruptions but not an outright closure like Smith/Ninth will.

  3. This is awesome! Great work, Gary and friends!

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