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City Council to hold Rider Report Card hearing

by Benjamin Kabak

Because John Liu is still one of the city’s elected representatives, the City Council is gearing up for another run at the MTA. This time, they are going to hold a hearing on the lack of response from the Rider Report Card program. Only 7 percent of the 700,000 were turned to the MTA, and City Council Transportation Committee Chair John Liu feels that the report cards were simply a “wasteful gimmick.” Funny; that’s exactly what I think of Liu. [New York Sun]

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guestofaguest January 10, 2008 - 12:38 pm

Rider Report Cars are to gimmick as John Liu is to…

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[…] those pesky Rider Report Cards. The City Council thinks they were just a grand publicity stunt, but the MTA seems set on responding to the issues raised by the hordes of disgruntled […]


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