Sheldon, criticizing the MTA, ignores the easy solution

By · Published in 2008

As the MTA and its capital projects are getting slammed with rising costs due to inflation, New York’s politicians are jumping on the Bash the MTA Bandwagon. First up, of course, is State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. On Wednesday, he issued a statement.

“The MTA’s plan to reduce the size of the Fulton Street Transit Center in Downtown Manhattan is outrageous and unacceptable. Those who live, work and visit Downtown have been misled for far too long with grand plans and unrealistic timetables for projects, and enough is enough,” Silver said. “What was promised to this community by the MTA must be funded and built.”

To Sheldon, I offer up my reply: Fork over the dough. The City and the State have long shirked their MTA fiscal responsibilities. With a looming budget crisis and important capital projects in limbo, now is the time for these bodies to step up. Fund the Fulton St. overruns. Fund the Second Ave. Subway. That’s a pretty easy solution.

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