At State of the MTA, Sander calls for ambitious expansion

By · Published in 2008

I’ll have a full post write-up of the State of the MTA this evening. For now, head on over to Sewell Chan’s recap. Chan picked up on the most newsworthy — and some may say, least realistic — aspects of the plan: Sander’s calls for a 40-year plan that includes a Brooklyn-Queens-Bronx arc line. More later. [City Room]

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5 Responses to “At State of the MTA, Sander calls for ambitious expansion”

  1. Kevin says:

    While it’s admirable that Sander is proposing for all these major changes to the MTA and how we commute around the city in general, this will require billions and billions of additional funding for the MTA, far beyond what any congestion pricing can provide. I can’t see the city, state, or even the feds providing much more for the MTA.

    It’s nice to dream but it will most likely be business as usual and trying to bring the entire system into a state of good repair for the next 5+ years at the very least.

  2. Marc Shepherd says:

    It has been many decades since anyone proposed an expansion plan as bold as this. Will all of it happen? Probably not. But without someone “thinking big,” stagnation becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  3. Alon Levy says:

    You can find details about the Bronx-Queens-Brooklyn line here, on the blog of the RPA intern who helped flesh the idea out.

  4. brian goldner says:

    brilliant! I’ve been saying for years that the best way for the MTA to expand is to invest in infrastructure in the outer boroughs! Seriously, the only way to make Manhattan any bigger would be to build skyscrapers on top of skyscrapers! It makes much more sense to transform Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx into the dense metropolis region that we know Manhattan to be.
    I thought that light rail lines would actually accomplish this goal quicker and cheaper…but that doesn’t seem like the MTA’s style.

  5. The Secret Conductor says:

    Light rail? hahaha no way! the MTA does it big or it does nothing (or both). but seriously folks, light rail could work but NYC. a nice quite monorail that extend the system sort of like the airtrain to JFK airport.

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