Gandolfini joins cast of Pelham remake

By · Published in 2008

James Gandolfini, the Sopranos mob boss, is moving across the river to play the role of the beleaguered mayor in the upcoming Tony Scott remake of The Taking of Pelham 123. In the original, Lee Wallace can’t handle the pressures of leading the city through yet another crisis. Who knows how Gandolfini, a regular tough guy, will handle the role? One thing is for sure though; the Denzel Washington-John Travolta remake will have none of the charm or creativity of the snapshop of 1970s New York so embodied by Joseph Sargent’s original film. [Variety]

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  1. Angus Grieve-Smith says:

    They’re doing a lot of filming in Woodside, too, which means that the #7 train in Queens is standing in for the #6 train in the Bronx.


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